Sulu is hiring!

We’re looking for a Symfony Developer with front end, back end, and architectural experience using PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, and React.

Preferably you are Austria-based, but we are open to fully remote with a 4-hour overlap with Central European Time.

About Sulu

We are Sulu — a small, tight-knit team based in the beautiful city of Dornbirn, Austria. Open source is our love language and our product, the Sulu CMS, is our brainchild. The Sulu CMS is fully Symfony-based, and we use it to create successful websites and other digital projects for our clients like Allianz Cinema, Kuechengotter, and more.

The Sulu Manifesto

  • Our product is our identity.
    • We use our CMS in all our client work to maintain integrity.
    • Our work is public, available, and frequently updated for our open source community.
    • We balance innovative development with a long-term outlook.
  • We stay up-to-date.
    • We aspire for PHP and Symfony-compatibility ASAP.
    • We maintain our active versions with long-term support.
    • We minimize legacy code and technical debt.
  • We stay streamlined while also being guided by user needs.
    • We keep the Sulu Core compact and flexible.
    • We build for both the developer and content manager experience.
    • We stay consistent with our time-based release process.

Role Overview

A close fit with our mindset, culture, and philosophy is the most important thing you’ll need to be successful at Sulu. Technical skills can always be learned!

Soft skills

You’ll need to be a self-starter with great organization and communication skills. You’ll demonstrate responsibility, be highly motivated and show a willingness to learn. All our employees have enthusiasm about the open source community while also being oriented toward business needs.

Technical skills

  • PHP, Symfony
  • JavaScript, React
  • HTML & CSS
  • Relational database

Bonus skills (Our stack)

  • GIT, CI/CD (GitHub, GitLab)
  • Tests and test automation (PHPUnit, PHPStan, Rector, Jest, React Testing Library)
  • REST and HTTP Standards (cache-controls, content negotiation, CORS)
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Open Source Software like Symfony, Doctrine, Sulu CMS, Sylius, etc.
  • Domain-Driven Design and Hexagonal Architecture
  • Semantic and accessible HTML (ARIA, Schema-org)
  • CSS Methodologies (ITCSS, Tailwind, Atomic Design)
  • Template engines like Twig
  • Front end and app frameworks like React, React Native, and MobX
  • Redis (cache and message Streams)
  • Elasticsearch
  • Varnish
  • DevOps/Docker/Kubernetes

What you’ll be doing

A mixture of client projects and product development, most frequently Sulu, PHP, and Symfony-based.

You’ll be involved with planning and concepts, development, testing, and fully tested (CI/CD) deployments. Optionally, you can get involved with DevOps and operations.

Working with clients. This includes coordination and direct communication with clients.

You’ll contribute to documentation, and offer care, support, and education to our community through Slack, GitHub, and other channels.

Incorporating insights and feedback into our product or next project.

Working at Sulu

We use a kanban-style agile project management and development methodology. We do daily stand-ups at 10 am CET. High-quality code, test coverage and maintainability, as well as architectural concepts like DDD and hexagonal architecture are important to us. We have regular communication with clients and work interactively with an ongoing cycle of receiving and applying feedback for continuous shaping of the product.

We work on large scale, high-level projects, and follow a holacracy-style of decentralized decision-making. There is no internal Project Manager - so personal responsibility and organization is key.

Client and open source work is distributed amongst all team members. We try to do four days of client work and one day of open source work or product development every week (this is not always possible, but we try!). When we’re working hard on a new feature, we’ll block off two weeks of time.

We pride ourselves on being a supportive and openly communicative team (especially for newbies!). We are all highly motivated and have an enthusiastic attitude toward learning and developing our skills. We are always pushing each other to be better.

Benefits of working with us

  • Competitive salary.
  • 38.5 hour work week. Friday afternoons off (when workload allows).
  • Flexible working hours and location.
  • 25 holidays per year.
  • Your own Macbook Pro.
  • Job-bike offer.
  • Conferences and training for further skill development.
  • There is room to dig into technical areas that interest you.
  • Be challenged by a highly-engaged team.
  • Opportunity to be proactive. 
  • Sharpen your communication skills through collaboration.
  • The camaraderie and support of a small team.
  • Participation in an active open source community.
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