A Robust, Reliable Symfony CMS for Agencies

Why Digital Agencies Love Sulu

  • Supporting Digital Transformation
    A robust and reliable technical foundation for solutions to help your clients meet the challenges of digitalization.
  • 100% Open Source
    One philosophy, one license, one version, a world of CMS possibilities. Invest in features and developers, not licenses.
  • Great Support
    Get help from a dedicated core team and a devoted community of experienced Symfony developers.
  • Full-Stack Symfony
    Sulu extends the popular PHP framework with powerful CMS and digital marketing capabilities.
  • Clean Code
    Standards-compliant and fully-tested code makes delivering great features is easier. 
  • Stable and Secure
    Peace of mind, thanks to Sulu’s reliable and legacy-free architecture.

Make Sulu Yours

Making Sulu the technical backbone of your organisation is an efficient way to deliver custom websites and appplications. 

Kick-start your projects with a useful set of built-in functionalities, then get down to the nitty-gritty: Sulu excells at integrating external data-sources and business logic. Creating customized libraries, bundles, and modules is a core concept of the system. 

While customizing Sulu to meet your client's needs, your solutions will be enhanced by the beautiful, modular and customizable user interface and consistent user experience that Sulu generates for you.

Create your own standards

From Websites to Custom Applications

Sulu offers the complete content lifecycle and a base set of functionalities for creating many client websites. But it doesn’t stop there! Add existing Symfony bundles, create your own; the sky is the limit when it comes to developing custom, web-based applications. 

Sulu's decoupled, "headless" and API-first architecture enables you to use it as the backend data-source or "logic-engine" for other mobile applications, e-commerce solutions, and more.

One solution for any type of project

Partner Program

Become a Sulu Certified Implementation Partner. This badge of quality can be a strong positive signal in the highly competitive marketplace. Gain advanced product insights, developer training, project and pitch support, and invest in the further development of part of your agency toolkit. We think of Sulu as an outstanding solution and we'd love to have you as an outstanding Sulu partner.

Learn more about becomming a Sulu partner.