CMS UX Made for Editors

Managing lots of content? Managing complex content? Sulu helps:

  • Consistent, Intuitive UI
    Sulu's backend is designed for content editor productivity ... and it looks great!
  • Full Content Life Cycle
    Create, edit, and publish content all within an intuitive, simple-to-use admin backend.
  • Live Content Preview
    See your content come to life on multiple device-types while editing it.
  • Multilingual
    Comprehensive support for multilingual content, administration, and publishing in any language and any character set.
  • Multi-Portal
    Create and manage as many websites as you need with a single installation. Control them with a single backend.
  • Asset Management
    Upload and (re)use any media type, built-in file organization features, search engine optimization, and much more.

Putting You in Control

Sulu CMS is built with large-scale platforms in mind. A highly consistent user experience throughout helps you keep editorial and brand control of masses of content, in many languages, or even across many websites — all from a single, intuitive backend.

Keep the control


Sulu comes with an industry-leading approach to managing websites in multiple languages. Content managers can maintain an overview and control of multiple site-variants, and the editorial complexity that comes with multi-site systems where content has to be published to multiple regional sites on different domains in many languages.

Multi everything

A Beautiful CMS Experience

We say Sulu was designed "UX-first" and chose a design-driven development approach for Sulu core. We believe that a great user experience is essential to sustainable digital solutions. Everything in Sulu's extensible backend is made to be consistent, intuitive, engaging, and easy to use.

Full Content Life Cycle