Deliver awesome, robust, reliable websites with Sulu CMS

The ideal combination of PHP developer experience and agency platform. Deliver complex sites and great user experiences for the content teams who work on your site every day.

Meets enterprise demands.
Built on the Symfony PHP Framework.
Built for devs.
Great for users.
Open Source
100% Open Source

Six reasons you and your project deserve Sulu

  • Open Source
    100% open and free. Extensible and flexible.
  • Clean Code
    Work like a developer. Deliver great UX and complex, performant applications.
  • Full-Stack Symfony
    Sulu is built on the solid foundation of the popular Symfony PHP framework.
  • User Experience
    Sulu's admin backend is designed for content editor productivity ... and it looks great!
  • Headless CMS
    Use Sulu as a content or data management engine for any application you can imagine.
  • We're Here for You
    Come talk with the core developers and active users. Professional support available, too.

A beautiful interface for getting work done

Sulu's backend user interface is a core feature, giving content teams an outstanding, intuitive user experience. 

Sulu makes it easy for developers to implement a consistent, beautiful backend that is fully extensible to meet the needs of your custom business logic.

Sulu UI

Full-Stack Symfony CMS for enterprise projects

Sulu is ideal for enterprise applications requiring extensive customization:

  • Business-logic-driven applications
  • News- and media platforms
  • Brand and corporate presences
  • B2B Services
  • Multi-channel platforms
  • Social and collaborative sites
  • Portals and intranets
  • When Sulu is the wrong choice
Sulu Code

Built to handle the extremes

Business websites are evolving into rich software applications, requiring comprehensive integrations, business logic, and data management capabilities. 

Sulu empowers developers with a headless CMS environment for implementing custom, data-driven capabilities and delivering them via any frontend technology you need.

Sulu Developer

The attention to UX by the Sulu team impressed me from the very beginning.

Lukas Kahwe Smith, Software Developer – Liip AG

Sulu looks promising for people who want a CMS that is also developer friendly.

David Buchmann, Software Developer – Liip AG

The design and user experience of the backend is impressive and greatly facilitates the creation of content.

Pablo Lozano, Senior Backend Developer – The Cocktail

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