The gold standard for Symfony development

Sulu Helps You Deliver Great Projects

  • Full-Stack Symfony
    100% Symfony, extended and enhanced with agency-ready CMS and digital marketing features.
  • Strict Code is Quality Code
    Writing code to our standards delivers robust, secure applications, ready for future extension and improvement.
  • Great UX Out-of-the-Box
    Sulu delivers its beautiful user interface out-of-the-box, no more fiddly boilerplate frontend code.
  • Extensible & Flexible
    From large portals and websites to complex business applications and everything in between, you can deliver it with Sulu CMS.
  • Open. Source.
    One philosophy, one license, one version, a world of CMS possibilities.
  • Future-proof & Maintainable
    Sulu is here for the long run. Backed by a professional community, a commercial entity, and a deep connection to the Symfony PHP framework, you can count on Sulu.

Work Like a Dev

If you know Symfony, you know Sulu. Install it and immediately get to work on our full-stack Symfony CMS using your professional development tools and processes. 

Not only will you be rewarded with quick results, follow our best practices and Sulu automatically generates its beautiful, intuitive content- and admin-UI for you.

Work like a dev

Community & Support

You have direct access to the product development team and our professional community in our free Slack channel. Come in and get the support you need. We also offer a range of professional services, including consulting, training, and custom development. We're very proud to be a part of Sulu's inclusive, supportive, global open source community.

Bring Your Own Business Logic

Sulu is built on Symfony. When building complex applications, you can focus on implementing your custom business logic while taking advantage of Sulu's core CMS features like user- and asset-management as foundations for your custom modules.

Bring your own business logic