Feb 19 2019

Address and bank fields in contact form

It has been a while since the last alpha release o…
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Jan 16 2019

Deploy Sulu with Deployer

Deployer is a well known deployment tool for PHP a…
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Jan 09 2019

Sulu Release 1.5.20 & 1.6.24

The first release in the new year is a rather…
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Dec 19 2018

SuluArticleBundle 1.0.0 released

A big shout out right before Christmas - we releas…
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Dec 10 2018

Visiting Lisbon for SymfonyCon 2018

Last week we have been attending this year's Symfo…
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Dec 03 2018

Sulu Release 1.5.19 & 1.6.23

Yesterday we have released Sulu 1.5.19 and 1.6.23.…
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Oct 05 2018

Sulu Release 1.5.18 & 1.6.22

The main reason for this release is a Symfony Bug,…
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Sep 03 2018

Sulu 2.0.0-alpha4 released

This release took a bit longer than we actually pl…
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Aug 16 2018

Sulu 2.0.0-alpha3 released

Two weeks have passed since our last 2.0 alpha rel…
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Jul 31 2018

Sulu 2.0.0-alpha2 released

Two weeks ago we have released the first alpha of…
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Jul 18 2018

Sulu Release 1.5.17 & 1.6.21

Today we have released the hotfixes 1.5.17 and 1.6…
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Jul 16 2018

SuluArticleBundle feature complete - 1.0.0-RC7 released

After a few brainstorming sessions and few weeks o…
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