Thomas Schedler
Thomas Schedler
Co-Founder & CEO – Sulu GmbH
Sulu's technical Master Blaster. Tries to keep our code on it's toes and to master Heston Blumenthal recipes on his very seldom free days.

Meet connectiv! - Offering eSolutions since 1998, and Sulu Partner since 2021

connectiv! eSolutions GmbH is a German company with over 20 years of experience offering support to clients seeking to digitize their businesses. Founded in 1998, they specialize in providing digital commerce and customer engagement systems to small and medium-sized companies. connectiv! now boasts a team of over 60 members, with locations in Lingen and Münster.

In 2021, connectiv! saw how Sulu CMS could help them integrate the various services in their portfolio. In fact, they were so impressed they decided to become a Silver Partner immediately! Since then, they have enjoyed unparalleled support, both technically and in presale presentations to clients.

We talked with Dirk Thyen, Head of Connectiv’s Web division, and Patrick Fieckers, Web Consultant and Project Manager, about the benefits of Sulu CMS and being in the Sulu Partnership Program.

“The software fits perfectly with our strategy and portfolio,” Dirk remarked, adding that Sulu’s “excellent degree of personal communication” led connectiv! to become a Partner.

New possibilities for proven eCommerce solutions

It seemed inevitable that Sulu and connectiv! would meet. connectiv! has always been a PHP company and has been using the Symfony framework since 2018. Symfony was compatible with OXID and Shopware, the main tools connectiv! used for implementing eCommerce platforms. However, it was still being used with an in-house CMS that connectiv! had developed years before. Maintaining this custom solution was becoming a pain. “We could never have integrated a JavaScript-based backend into our in-house solution,” Dirk observed.  

Enter Sulu: the Symfony CMS!

connectiv! began using Sulu in 2021. It untied the knots in their tech stack that were bothering developers. Its intuitive software architecture was straightforward to work with, and it also brought a significant performance boost. Moreover, it allowed connectiv! to offer new functionality customers were demanding: support for multiple clients and a translation framework. Sulu’s open source basis also kept license costs low.

Consistent quality, delivery, and technical support

connectiv! first encountered Sulu in a presentation by CEO and Founder Thomas Schedler, who impressed them with the product and his openness to communication. By becoming a Partner, connectiv! knew they could have a direct line to Thomas, who immediately made himself available to help. connectiv! chose to be a Sulu Silver Partner from day one.

The Partnership Program has offered connectiv!’s developers an unparalleled level of technical support. Questions are heard and answered quickly, and project reviews have proven a useful bonus. This makes for an excellent work environment for developers, who have full confidence in Sulu’s ability to solve their problems. As Dirk put it: “Sulu always follows through and delivers.”

Strengthening client relationships

connectiv! has also profited from the Partnership Program on the business side. Their relationship with Sulu and Thomas has continued to grow. As a Sulu Silver Partner, connectiv! benefits from support when engaging customers. Thomas assists connectiv! in pitching during the presale process, offering his technical expertise. Similarly, he has been a special guest at connectiv!’s yearly event for clients, giving a live demo of Sulu. They have consistently left with a good impression, noting how straightforward Sulu is to use and the importance of Thomas’s personal support.

“Clients give only positive feedback,” Patrick remarked. “They were excited about how simple Sulu is to use and maintain.”

Building strong relations with customers is crucial for connectiv!’s business. While they attract new clients through their website, a large number also come to the firm through recommendations from existing customers. Fostering long-term relationships with clients improves connectiv!’s reputation and reach, so Sulu’s support of connectiv! as a Silver Partner has been a great business asset.

Become a Partner

As a Sulu Partner, you’ll be able to get the most out of our software, helping you build powerful web platforms. You’ll benefit from project reviews, technical consulting, and a direct line to our leadership team.

But the Partnership Program goes beyond our technology. Sulu provides support in the presale phase to help impress clients and build strong relationships that can grow your business.

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