Dec 16 2020

Wishing the Sulu community a peaceful break

This year has been challenging for almost everyone,…
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Dec 15 2020

SuluThemeBundle 3.0 — Symfony 5 support and SyliusThemeBundle integration

After just over a year, we are happy to release the…
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Nov 26 2020

Sulu Release 1.6.38, 2.1.6 & 2.2.2

In accordance with our release guidelines, the 2.0.x…
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Nov 24 2020

Setting up your Sulu frontend

If you read our new guide to templating in Sulu, you…
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Nov 18 2020

Templating, structured content, and the benefits for enterprises

Our recent guide outlines Sulu’s approach to templating.…
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Nov 04 2020

Sulu Release 1.6.37 & 2.1.5 & 2.2.1

Unfortunately we have introduced a bug in Sulu 2.2.0…
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Oct 29 2020

Sulu Release 2.2.0

Three weeks ago we released the first release candidate…
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Oct 28 2020

Sulu Release 2.0.12 & 2.1.3

Right before our 2.2.0 release we are publishing Sulu…
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Oct 07 2020

Sulu Release 2.2.0-RC1

Today we have released the first release candidate…
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Sep 24 2020

How We Extended Sulu’s Admin UI for Allianz Cinema and Why We Did it That Way

Although Sulu’s aim is to let you build without getting…
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Sep 10 2020

Why extending Sulu’s admin UI makes business sense for agencies and enterprises

Did you know you can leverage Sulu’s admin user interface…
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Aug 26 2020

Sulu Release 1.6.36, 2.0.11 & 2.1.2

Since our last patch release in July, we’ve been working…
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