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Open, modern & extendable

Sulu is a content management platform based on Symfony made for businesses. It’s a flexible CMS to create and manage enterprise multi-sites and a reliable development environment for high-performance apps. With powerful features for developers and a simple UI for editors it’s the ideal engine for state-of-the-art business websites and web-based software.

Made for business & industry needs

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So many reasons to use Sulu

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For Business

  • Built with the needs of business and industry in mind
  • Enterprise features without ridiculous license fees
  • Supports multi-language, multi-portal and multi-channel
  • Easy to integrate data from external resources 
  • Perfect for developing any type of business app
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For Devs

  • Full stack Symfony environment 
  • Semantic configuration of templates
  • Easy transition from data to HTML
  • Build applications around content management
  • Add/Remove functionality with Symfony Bundles
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For Editors

  • Really simple and very fast user interface
  • Web-based, no installation required
  • Edit forms that validate content & ensure correct semantics
  • Live preview content as you type it
  • Switch between different devices (Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop)

Sulu is based on

Symfony-CMF Symfony CMF
Content-Repository Content Repository
for PHP
Doctrine Doctrine
Backbone-js Backbone.js
Require-js Require.js

… and works nicely with

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