Mar 20 2020

We’re up and running

Like many people worldwide, we’re affected by gove…
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Mar 05 2020

Using Sulu CMS as a Headless CMS

Need headless capabilities and the features of a f…
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Feb 12 2020

Sulu Release 1.6.31 & 2.0.4

With Sulu 1.6.31 and 2.0.4 we have fixed quite a f…
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Jan 09 2020

Sulu Release 1.6.30 & 2.0.3 with PHP 7.4 support

The most important change in Sulu 1.6.30 and 2.0.3…
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Dec 20 2019

Don’t forget the Hallway Track! Sulu sponsors the Symfony India Meetup

Part of our mission at Sulu has always been about…
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Nov 15 2019

Sulu Release 2.0.2 - they’re not just bug-fixes they’re features!

Sulu 2.0.2 is one of the early releases after our…
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Oct 23 2019

Sulu Release 1.6.29 & 2.0.1

Today we have released two hotfixes. The first is…
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Oct 02 2019

Sulu 2.0 is here! The Symfony CMS, New and Improved

Sulu 2.0 is out! Version two of the Symfony CMS bu…
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Sep 27 2019

Goodbye sulu-minimal - Hello sulu/skeleton

We are happy to announce sulu/skeleton as new proj…
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Sep 24 2019

Sulu 2.0.0-RC3 released

The third release candidate of Sulu 2.0 is now ava…
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Sep 05 2019

Get started with Sulu CMS at SymfonyLive Berlin!

Get to know the Sulu content management framework…
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Sep 05 2019

Sulu 2.0.0-RC2 released

After releasing Sulu 2.0 RC1 we have continued to…
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