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Johannes Wachter

Sulu gives you all tools you need to optimize a website for search engines like the almighty Google. It not only has integrated forms for SEO, Metadata and SERPs. It also gives you the freedom to change this behavior to match your individual project requirements. 

Johannes Wachter, Developer (Sulu Core Team), @WachterJohannes

This one's made for marketing

Sulu Google Analytics

Site tracking with Google Analytics

By default Sulu provides a deep integration of Google Analytics (any other service can be used as well). This gives site administrators an easy access to very powerful analysis data.  

Each webspace can be tracked individually with it’s own tracking code. Extended features like Google Analytics eCommerce tracking can also be efficiently used.

Developers can use Analytics tags to track events or even scroll positions of web-pages by simply adding them to the templates.  

Sulu on-page SEO

On-page SEO

1) Metadata, SERP information & friendly URL
Templates have designated SEO functionalities so editors have complete control over the metadata of a page. Title, description and keywords can be edited to optimize rankings and create better SERP results. Thanks to the URL management of Sulu friendly resource locators can be created easily.

2) Canonical tags
Create canonical tags to avoid duplicate content.

3) Control your indexing
Indexing can be controlled for every single page. This allows you to specifically exclude your content from search engines. 


Why you should use it

  • Deep SEO functionalities (complete control over meta data) 
  • Friendly URLs
  • Full control over page index
  • Canonical tags management
  • Integration of Google Analytics
  • Other analysis tools can be easily integrated

More coming soon!

We know how important online marketing is today especially for businesses. Many more features are currently developed so stay tuned for updates in the very near future.

They include social media optimization for pages, extended landing-page management, APIs for email-marketing services and much more.

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Thomas Vogel

The Admin UI is visually appealing and very easy to work with. Especially the multilingual content handling and the media library have become features I can’t work without!

Thomas Vogel, Arkulpa GmbH (AT)
Lukas Kahwe Smith

The attention to UX by the Sulu team impressed me from the very beginning. Together with leveraging all the key architecture components of the Symfony CMF initiative, they have a winning combinations in their hands.

Lukas Kahwe Smith, L//P (CH)

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