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Thomas Schedler

Relational or document database concepts have failed big time as a primary storage for content management applications. We believe 100% in PHPCR as the best way to store hierarchical and unstructured content.  

Thomas Schedler, Lead Developer (Sulu Core Team), @chirimoya

Change the way you create web applications

Sulu's System architecture

Sulu is based on full stack Symfony. It uses not only MVC but makes extensive use of events and services. This provides a very modular and flexible architecture for developers.

Sulu System Architecture

Full Stack Symfony

Being one of the biggest PHP frameworks in the world Symfony is widely used by leading open source projects such as Drupal, phpBB or eZ. Sulu is built upon the full stack Symfony environment. This provides the modularity and flexibility to create a modern and powerful content management platform.

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Content Repository

Content storage with phpCR

Sulu uses a content repository, the state of the art method of managing hierarchical and unstructured content. Data is stored in nodes with children and properties which makes much more sense than using relational database models. Another plus: Versioning is natively supported (currently used for the Sulu asset management). 

> Learn more about PHPCR


Standardized API

Getting data in and out Sulu is very simple as all data manipulations are handled through a RESTful API. This gives developers the possibility to link external data sources into the system or to export existing content out of Sulu.

> Sulu documentation

Module Structure

Bring your own modules

It is easy for developers to integrate functionalities into existing modules or to create completely new ones. Custom modules (bundles) have easy access into the “back-office admin” and the documentation provides a quick access into the world of Sulu.

> Sulu documentation


Industry standard technologies

Only non-proprietary and standardized technology is used for the system. Examples are Elastic Search for indexing and searching or Varnish for high performance caching and better expiring.

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Open Source - Good for devs, great for businesses

The Open Source Initiative

Sulu is 100% based on open technologies. We strongly believe that open source helps to create a better web. The core modules are released under the MIT licence and the Sulu core team is happy to welcome developers who like to join in. Visit our GitHub page to get all the information you need!

> Sulu on GitHub

More than just a CMS

First the internet changed the way we publish information and now it changes completely the way we create software. Use Sulu to develop applications with web technologies to solve challenges like cross-platform compatibility, distribution or scaling. 


Web Apps

Sulu has been specifically designed to be an ideal environment for app development. It’s also perfect to integrate any Symfony application.


Business Apps

Specialized business solutions become more and more important to enterprises. But development often is often very expensive. Sulu helps developers to create such projects more efficiently.


Mobile Apps

Thanks to its multi-channel philosophy Sulu not only supports responsive web application. The powerful API features make it a perfect data provider for mobile apps.


"Whatever" app!

As the internet leaves the browser there is no limit to your imagination. Internet-of-things or the Apple Watch are just a few trends developers are currently faced with. Sulu is a great platform for innovative projects. 

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