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SuluFormBundle 2.2.0 Release

There is a new SuluFormBundle minor release in town! Version 2.2.0 comes with two new features and multiple small improvements.

Symfony Mailer integration

In addition to the existing Swiftmailer integration for sending emails, the SuluFormBundle now supports to use the Symfony Mailer. This allows to send emails using popular transports like MailChimp, Mailgun, SendinBlue and many others. A full list of supported transports can be found in the Symfony Mailer Documentation. The Symfony Mailer integration can be enabled the following way:

        helper: "mailer"
Enabling the Symfony Mailer integration in the sulu_form configuration

We want to send a big thank you to Bram Tervoort who contributed the Symfony Mailer integration. We are glad to have you!

Protected Medias

The SuluFormBundle allows to upload media files via forms. In some cases, it is desired that these media files can only be accessed via the administration interface. In version 2.2.0, the bundle can be configured to protect uploaded media files by default. Protected media files can only be accessed by users via the administration interface. This feature can be activated via the configuration:

        protected: true
Activating the protection of uploaded media files in the sulu_form configuration

Small fixes and improvments

Beside the features described above, the new release also contains multiple small fixes and improvements. You are welcome to have a look at the 2.2.0 release notes for a list of all changes.

Your feedback is important!

An active and supportive community is what makes an open-source product like ours sustainable. We need your feedback to improve our bundles. If you encounter any issues or have an idea for a new feature, feel free to create an issue, a discussion on GitHub or reach out to us via Slack.

If you like the bundle, don’t hesitate to give it a ⭐ on Github.