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Niklas Natter
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Sulu Core Developer and Open-Source Enthusiast.

SuluAutomationBundle 2.0 Stable Release

After releasing the SuluArticeBundle 2.0, the SuluFormBundle 2.0, the SuluThemeBundle 3.0, and the SuluRedirectBundle 2.0 in the space of a year, I am happy to announce that we released yet another official Sulu bundle — the SuluAutomationBundle 2.0. The new version brings automation functionality to Sulu 2.3 and is fully compatible with Symfony 5.


What is the SuluAutomationBundle?

The SuluAutomationBundle implements support for automating tasks, such as publishing and unpublishing pages on a specific date. The bundle fully integrates into the Sulu administration interface by adding an additional tab to the page detail view, where the administrator can manage scheduled tasks. The tab provides an interface for creating and editing scheduled tasks and displays existing tasks along with their status.

In addition to the page integration, the SuluAutomationBundle comes with an integration for the SuluArticleBundle out of the box. Furthermore, the bundle allows the registration of custom task types for integrating custom entities and project-specific functionality. 

We have already installed the new version of the SuluAutomationBundle in our public demo application at Feel free to try the functionality of the bundle in the page detail view or article detail view. Be aware that our demo application is automatically reset every few hours, so don't schedule your tasks too far in the future.

Installation in your project

To install the SuluAutomationBundle, execute the following Composer command to add the dependency to your project:

composer require sulu/automation-bundle
Install the SuluAutomationBundle

Afterwards, visit the SuluAutomationBundle documentation to find out how to complete the installation and register the bundle.

Your feedback is important!

An active and supportive community is what makes an open-source product like ours sustainable. We need your feedback to improve our bundles. If you encounter any issues or have an idea for a new feature, feel free to create an issue, a discussion on GitHub or reach out to us via Slack.

Finally, if you have not done so yet, don't hesitate to spread some love and leave a ⭐ on Github if you like the bundle.