Johannes Wachter
Johannes Wachter
Core Developer – Sulu GmbH
Sulu Core Developer and Open-Source Enthusiast.

SuluArticleBundle 1.0.0 released

A big shout out right before Christmas - we released the SuluArticleBundle today. After a few months of stagnation we achieved some big improvements in the last weeks and so we decided to release it.

Why there was a pause between RC7 and 1.0

Besides a lot of work for Sulu 2.0 there was also a big BC-Break in one of our dependency ongr-io/ElasticsearchBundle. This made it impossible to make the bundle ready with PHP 7.2.

Whats happened since RC7

To be honest - not to much :) Besides a few smaller bugfixes and doc improvements we haven't implemented any new feature since RC7.

Feedback wanted and needed!

Although this is the first stable release - we need you for feedback and your experience with this bundle.