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Core Developer – Sulu GmbH
Core developer and support king. So dedicated to his work that we couldn't find a hobby to mention.

Sulu Release 2.3.10 & 2.4.1

For everyone who's afraid of using x.x.0 versions of a software, we are happy to announce that we have published the Sulu 2.4.1 release. If you missed features like "Trash" and "Preview Links" of the 2.4.0 release, you should definitely read about them on our blog post for the 2.4.0 release. Also with 2.4.1, some bugfixes are released for 2.3 via the 2.3.10. 

Bugfixes and improvements

This releases contains some small bugfixes and improvements around Sulu and the Symfony ecosystem. Have a look at the release on GitHub to find a list of all changes included in the release.

Skeleton changes

With this new release we also upgrades our sulu/skeleton, which is the start point for new Sulu projects. Most changes were required since Symfony restructures their recipes and is now using the when@env instead of separate files for the environment. Sulu always tries to be as close as possible to Symfony standards so we did adjust the skeleton to support the new recipes. The following example shows how the "when" attribute can be used:

        utf8: true

when@prod: &prod
            strict_requirements: null

when@stage: *prod

Besides the prod Sulu also offers a stage environment using yaml pointers. 

The &prod defines the pointer and with *prod we can point to that configuration. 

This way we avoid the need to duplicate the same configuration for stage environments.

For existing projects it is not required to change your config/packages files, still if you want to keep yourself up to date with Symfony best practices, it is recommended.

Known Issues

Currently there are 2 known issues effecting Sulu installations. The first one is that the recommended utf8mb4 is not used in all cases when working with a MySQL as database. This issue currently effects installations using Sentry Symfony Integration or a 2.6.x-dev version of the DoctrineBundle. This is an open issue which we are working together with the Doctrine team to fix in the DoctrineBundle. As a workaround and to force utf8mb4 we recommend to set it in your DATABASE_URL:


Another open issue is with symfony/flex as it accidentally overwrites our provided config/bundles.php. If you run into that issue after running a composer update you should eventually make sure to reset environment changes for exist registered bundles.

What is coming next?

Currently we are in the planning phase for the upcoming Sulu 2.5.0 release and we already have some new features in mind which will further enhance the block usage.

We are happy to hear your feedback about newly released features and bug fixes. Feel free to create an issue or a discussion on GitHub for bugs and feature requests. You can also contact us via Slack or our Website anytime.