Alexander Schranz
Core Developer – Sulu GmbH
Core developer and support king. So dedicated to his work that we couldn't find a hobby to mention.

Sulu Release 2.1.13 & 2.2.9 & 2.3.0-RC2

We are just released Sulu 2.1.13, Sulu 2.2.9 and Sulu 2.3.0-RC2. The releases contain small bug fixes and improvements.

Disable collaboration under dev environment

To improve the developer experience the collaboration option is now disable under "dev" environment. This should help better to debug your local application and avoid unneeded requests to the backend in the dev environment. Beside this improvement the releases contains some minor bugfixes that are listed in the changelog.

2.3.0-RC2 released

We are happy that we also tagged a second release candidate for the upcoming 2.3.0 version of Sulu. It contains a few bugfixes that were reported by our community. Thank a lot for testing the release candidates and giving us feedback!

Check out the changelog of the release candidate for more information.

What is coming next?

Beside the stable release of Sulu 2.3.0, like mention in our last blog, we are working on improving our SuluHeadlessBundle and SuluContentBundle. The next step for the SuluContentBundle will be using it to implement an experimental Content Storage in the SuluArticleBundle.

We are happy to hear any of your feedback about newly released features and bug fixes. Feel free to create an issue or a discussion on GitHub for any bugs and feature requests. You can also contact us via our Slack channel anytime.