Alexander Schranz
Core Developer – Sulu GmbH
Core developer and support king. So dedicated to his work that we couldn't find a hobby to mention.

Sulu Release 2.1.10 & 2.2.6

Alongside several small bug fixes, the newly released Sulu 2.1.10 and Sulu 2.2.6 contain some long-awaited improvements, which I will briefly describe in the following sections.

Fix custom admin builds

There were some issues lately with custom admin builds affecting CKEditor changes, and an older issue whereby the custom build didn't work correctly on Windows machines. In this release, we changed how we bind the local dependencies so we are happy that custom builds now also work in this case.

Conflicts with latest Doctrine and JMS Serializer Bundle releases

The doctrine/doctrine-bundle and the jms/serializer-bundle both released a new version that inadvertently contains breaking changes. So we have to add the doctrine/doctrine-bundle:2.3.0 and the jms/serializer-bundle:2.9.0 version as conflicts. The following issues should hopefully be resolved in their next releases:

Until then, you should make sure that you do not have one of these versions installed in your project.

Upgrading your project

We encourage you to have a look at our Upgrading Sulu 2.x documentation when upgrading your project. The documentation provides a step-by-step guide to upgrading Sulu in your projects. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems during the upgrade process.

What is coming next?

After also releasing the RedirectBundle yesterday, we hope to release the first 2.x versions of the SuluAutomationBundle soon. We are also still working on the basic event system for the next minor version.

We are always happy to receive your feedback about newly released features and bug fixes. Feel free to create an issue or a discussion on Github about bugs and feature requests. You can also contact us via our Slack channel anytime.