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Sulu Release 1.6.38, 2.1.6 & 2.2.2

In accordance with our release guidelines, the 2.0.x version will no longer be published, but we are releasing Sulu 1.6.38, 2.1.6 and 2.2.2 today. So now you should update to at least Sulu 2.1 in order to receive further bug fixes, including those described in this blog post.

In addition to bug fixes, we have also snuck in a mini-feature, which enables content managers to filter content within a smart content by a type. So a smart content can now be configured to only return pages with a certain template, or media of a certain type. Examples of media types include image or document.

Release 1.6.38

This release fixes an issue with redirects. If a page is requested in a format other than HTML (e.g. JSON or XML), and the response redirects to another URL, then the format is lost. That means if you’ve originally requested a JSON page, you might have received HTML after a redirect! Alexander Schoonderwaldt has reported and fixed this issue, thank you very much for that!

Release 2.1.6

This is the release containing the new mini-feature mentioned above. With types, a new possibility to filter the result of a smart content has been introduced. This way the editor can filter pages and snippets by their template and media by their type (whether the file is a document, image, video or audio).

Unfortunately, we had to introduce a breaking change in order to introduce that feature. With the new feature there was an error when clearing the cache if a database connection had not yet been configured. We fixed that, but now each SmartContent DataProvider has to correctly enable the audience targeting filter on its own. Read more about that in our UPGRADE.md file.

Sulu 2.1.6 not only includes this new feature, but also some bug fixes. The following list only includes the most important ones, but there are more, including some annotation fixes for PHPStan.

Release 2.2.2

A few of the newer features we introduced in Sulu 2.2.0 did not always behave as expected. Therefore, some of the bug fixes only apply to this release:


So unless you have been using a custom smart content dataprovider in combination with our audience targeting feature, this upgrade should be pretty easy to apply. Our documentation on upgrading a Sulu 2 installation should also help with that.

And as usual: please test this release, and tell us about any issues on Slack or via an issue on our GitHub repository.