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Core Developer – Sulu GmbH
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Sulu Release 1.6.37 & 2.1.5 & 2.2.1

Unfortunately we have introduced a bug in Sulu 2.2.0 that seems to have caused regressions in quite a few projects. To be exact, the regression is happening if you are using a Smart Content for media in a webspace that does not use our new website security feature. For this reason we released a new bugfix release a few days later. But it also contains a few more bug fixes, that will be explained in this blog post.

As already mentioned in the previous blog post, the 2.0.x series is not maintained anymore, and therefore is not receiving this and future improvements anymore.

Release 1.6.37

In this release there is a single bug fix, which should correct links created using our “sulu-link” tag that target a page in a different webspace. That includes all links that are created in text editors. Thank you Jaimy Broere for raising the issue and fixing it!

Release 2.2.1

This release fixes the regression mentioned at the start of this blog post. The SmartContent DataProvider for media elements did not work without security having been configured on the website. This caused an error message like:

Argument 6 passed to Sulu\Component\Media\SmartContent\MediaDataProvider::__construct() must be an instance of Symfony\Component\Security\Core\Security, null given

Thankfully, the fix was quite easy, and starting with this version the error should disappear.


We are really sorry about the inconvenience the regression in Sulu 2.2.0 might have caused you. Fortunately, we were able to fix the error in a rather short time.

Please get in touch with us on Slack or create an issue on GitHub if you encounter any more issues like that. We promise to try to solve the problem and provide you with a bugfix release as soon as possible.