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Sulu Release 1.6.34, 2.0.8 & 2.1.0-RC2

Finally, we were able to deliver Sulu 2.1.0-RC2! It took us some time because we wanted to make sure that this release works with Symfony 4 and 5, which was relying on the status of some external dependencies. All these dependencies have been updated now, and we were able to make the last adjustments and tag this release.

In addition to the (hopefully) last release candidate of Sulu 2.1, we have also tagged bugfix releases for Sulu 1.6 and Sulu 2.0, as these versions will continue to receive bug- and security fixes according to our release policy.

Apart from the details below, we have also fixed some types helping to make proper use of a static type checker and added some migration scripts that our users have been looking for.

Bugfixes applied to all releases

Let’s start with the bugfixes that have been applied to all three releases.

The first bugfix might almost be called a feature, because it allows you to further customize the search results. Thanks to Sulu community member and contributor ampaze who has adjusted our search integration in pages. Now, developers can define which fields should be indexed separately. This can be done using a tag for our properties:

<property name="title" type="text_line">
    <tag name="sulu.search.field" index="indexed"/>

With this configuration it is possible to give the separately-indexed fields a higher priority in the search by using a query like the following:



Thanks to ampaze for taking the time to implement this!

The second bugfix prevents broken internal links when adding URLs in the text editor. When using multiple portals within a single webspace the system might have rendered the URL with the wrong domain. After merging this pull request the domain is now considered when rendering these links.

The last bugfix which is included in all releases occurred only very rarely. In the case that no snippets were created yet, smart content for those snippets would cause an error. The explanation is that a part of the website was not correctly initialized, which has been fixed now.

Fixes for Sulu 2.0 bugs

The fixes for the following bugs have been introduced in Sulu 2.0, and therefore did not need any actions in the 1.6 release. 

Using smart content for entities, other than our pages, snippets, or articles, resulted in an error if no sorting has been chosen by the content manager. This was fixed in this PR.

When assigning default snippets in the UI, the content manager did not receive a filtered list of assignable snippets for each snippet type. Instead, they could choose a snippet that was not of the required type, resulting in an error. This was fixed by only showing snippets that can be assigned to the selected snippet type.

Sulu user Anton Stasyuk reported an issue about our security mechanism for organizations. Revoking permissions for organizations did not have any effect on the UI for this user. So the user was able to e.g. click the delete button, but the server rightfully responded with a 403 error. The problem has been fixed: it was a wrongly-used constant. Thanks for the report!

Furthermore offering a search for your custom entities without properly configuring it resulted in a very cryptic and confusing error message. This error message has been adjusted in order to improve the developer experience.

Finally, we fixed a bug emitting warnings when starting a new Sulu project using “composer create-project sulu-skeleton”. This also blocked our initialization scripts from executing, which would remove lock files from the .gitignore file, since these files should be included in version control for projects.


The bugfixes in the 1.6.34 and 2.0.8 release shouldn’t need any special attention, so it is advisable to update following the instructions in our documentation.

In contrast to that, the 2.1.0-RC2 release might need some attention, especially if you also want to migrate your application to Symfony 5. Make sure to follow our UPGRADE.md file and optionally upgrade your application to Symfony 5 in order to achieve that. 

Although this is not a final release yet, we would love to get feedback from you. So please try to upgrade your applications, and tell us if you are running into any problems. In return, we promise to try to make the upgrade to the final version as smooth as possible.