Daniel Rotter
Core Developer – Sulu GmbH
Core developer and support guru. Passionate traveler and soccer player.

Sulu Release 1.6.32 & 2.0.5

We have published the next hotfix releases: Sulu 1.6.32 and 2.0.5. Both versions contain a few bugfixes that will be listed separately in the first section of this blog post. The other sections will be about changes being introduced in Sulu 2.0.5 only.

Changes also introduced in Sulu 1.6

As promised we start with the changes, which have also been fixed in Sulu 1.6.32:

  • Allow the display of a download counter of media in the list view
  • Fixing a casting bug when disabling the request analyzer
  • Fix aliases for joins without relations in the ListBuilder
  • Fix the usage of a reference for media, so that the media entity can be extended
  • Make the FileValidator check the mime type and maximum file size as configured (thank you tvwijgerden)

Fixing bugs visible to the content manager

There were a few bugs that made the handling of Sulu quite cumbersome.

Now there is a content locale associated to every user. It is the last locale the user has selected, and this locale will be used as the default in all other views as well, in cases where that is possible. Otherwise the other views will redirect to one of their default locales.

The media selection that allows for the assignment of media elements to a category are now sortable. Previously the media element could be sorted in the UI, but the sorting was not stored on the server. In order for that to work we had to also adapt the database schema, so migrating your database over to this new schema is necessary.

Also, support for custom protocol types like "tel:" or "mailto:" has been added to the URL field type. These protocols can now also be used for a page being an external link, so that a mail or phone number can be included in a navigation.

Probably the most important bugfix for people using Sulu but not a latin alphabet is that URLs can now be generated from languages not using a non-latin alphabet. Kudos to Warxcell for implementing that!

More improvements for developers

But Sulu 2.0.5 also comes with a few improvements from a developer perspective. The most important ones are:

  • The default template defined in the webspace configuration file is working now
  • An error occuring when the SmartContent was used with the MediaDataProvider and without the "includeSubFolder" flag was fixed (Thank you wimvds!)
  • Fixed a bug which could cause breaking the entire administration interface when a template with blocks was switched
  • The PageTreeRoute field type was added, which will be used in the SuluArticleBundle
  • Our Forms can now filter types by certain attributes using a simple query language (will also be useful for the SuluArticleBundle)
  • Default limit values for some items, such as list length, are only sent to the server settings when they are altered from those default values.
  • Fixed a regression introduced in Symfony that caused problems with our caching
  • Sulu will now activate some caching for phpcr metadata by default in the production environment
  • The RouteManager and CategoryManager now also support autowiring