Daniel Rotter
Core Developer – Sulu GmbH
Core developer and support guru. Passionate traveler and soccer player.

Sulu Release 1.6.29 & 2.0.1

Today we have released two hotfixes. The first is for our LTS version 1.6 (which will continue to get support until Sulu 3.0 is released), and the second is the first hotfix for our latest major release, Sulu 2.0.

Sulu 1.6.29

In 1.6.29 we have added a few smaller bugfixes and made other improvements.

The most noteworthy is the addition of branch aliases, which means that it is now possible to use "1.6@dev" as a version of "sulu/sulu" in the composer.json file, instead of referencing it with e.g. "dev-release/1.6 as 1.6.30".

Additionally there are also a few bugfixes, including but not limited to:

  • The PageRule of our AudienceTargeting feature failed when a URL was redirected
  • Some options on doctrine entities were not compatible with Sulu
  • Rounding error when converting to different image formats
  • New Symfony versions introduced some regressions
  • The security restricted too many pages in our page list
  • Mandatory fields on the template for the homepage broke the sulu:build initialization script

Sulu 2.0.1

Sulu 2's first hotfix release contains another important addition: In order to make upgrades easier even if the JavaScript code has changed, we added a new command called "sulu:admin:download-build". So if you have no additional admin JS code in your project that needs to go into your build, you can execute that command after you've updated your dependencies using composer. It will find the version of Sulu you are currently using and download the files for the JS build from our sulu/skeleton repository.

Apart from this convenience feature, we have also included quite a few fixes:

  • The Changelog shown in the page settings tab did not load correctly if the user referenced as creator or changer was deleted
  • Deleting a page could cause an error in the list of pages, because the information on which webspace to show was missing
  • All the SingleSelection fields failed when the entity they referenced was deleted
  • The ResourceLocatorStrategy defined in the webspace configuration file was not considered in the form.
  • The MediaSelection ignored the types filter (audio, video, images, ...)
  • Defining a wrong default-type on a block in a template resulted in a confusing error
  • The SingleAccountSelection field type was not working on pages
  • The latitude and longitude fields were missing on the addresses of accounts and contacts
  • It was not possible to dump a sitemap
  • Deleting a parent account was not possible but failed silently
  • The TextEditor did not have a limited height and its toolbar could overlap and hide other parts of the system

Again, this list is not complete, and the release contains a few more fixes, including those from Sulu 1.6.29. Although the list seems to be quite long, the overall reactions until now have been positive and Sulu 2 feels stable. So try it out, and let us know what you think!