Daniel Rotter
Core Developer – Sulu GmbH
Core developer and support guru. Passionate traveler and soccer player.

Sulu Release 1.5.24 & 1.6.28

The hotfixes 1.5.24 and 1.6.28 have been released today.

Both versions contain of a few bugfixes, including a fix in the sulu:webspaces:validate command erroring when the new controller notation of Symfony was used, the returning of a wrong 406 status code on the website when any Exception was thrown during rendering the respone and an edge-case when generating some nodes for new languages using the sulu:document:init command.

Additionally, the 1.6.28 release also fixes the saving of conditions on TargetGroups of the AudienceTargeting when older Doctrine versions are used, a redirect issue on the website and the infinite loader that appears on the custom url list if a user is deleted who created a custom url before.