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Core developer and support king. So dedicated to his work that we couldn't find a hobby to mention.

Sulu Bundles releases with Symfony 6 and Trash functionality

After we released Sulu 2.5 last month, with Symfony 6 support and new Block functionality (like Copy & Paste), we are happy to announce a bunch of new feature releases of Sulu Bundles, including Sulu Core bugfix releases. 

Bugfix releases for Sulu core

In addition to the Bundle releases, we released Sulu 2.4.5 and 2.5.1 with some small fixes. The releases contain a lot of changes because we are currently migrating our frontend tests from Enzyme to the React Testing Library. We also fixed an issue with the new "clipboard" which conflicted with the SuluPreview and was causing the new Blocks with Copy & Paste functionality to crash.

Thanks go here to b3h3m0th who migrated a lot of Enzyme tests to the React Testing Library. Also a big thank you to the other contributors: cpoint-eu who fixed the translation service in the search dropdown, lucacolombo4 who fixed the imagemap not working on a custom admin path, and mamazu who fixed an issue with special characters in the webspace name, and added better error handling for block content types.

SuluHeadlessBundle 0.8 with Symfony 6 compatibility

The SuluHeadlessBundle 0.8 provides support for Symfony 6. A big thank you here to Symfony Core Team Member, chalasr, who updated the Bundle to be compatible with Symfony 6. If you want to bring the SuluHeadlessBundle forward we are searching for motivated contributors to bring the missing content types to it.

SuluArticleBundle 2.4 with Symfony 6 and Trash functionality

The Article Bundle is one of the most used bundles. The SuluArticleBundle 2.4 not only adds compatibility to Symfony 6 but also bring a long-awaited feature from Pages to Articles: the new Trash Functionality (which was introduced with Sulu 2.4).

SuluFormBundle 2.5 with Symfony 6 and Trash functionality

In addition to the Symfony 6 compatibility, the SuluFormBundle 2.5 is also shipping the missing Trash functionality for it. The biggest change for SuluFormBundle 2.5 is also that it no longer uses the Swiftmailer packages - instead the Symfony Mailer is used. If your project is using Swiftmailer, we recommend updating to Symfony Mailer, because Swiftmailer is deprecated and does not support newer Symfony versions.

SuluAutomationBundle 2.1 with Symfony 6 compatibility

The SuluAutomationBundle 2.1 is a very small release bringing support and compatibility to Symfony 6. If you rely on the PHP-Task packages, make sure to also update them to the latest major version to get full Symfony 6 support for your project.

SuluRedirectBundle 2.1 with Symfony 6 compatibility

Another small release is SuluRedirectBundle 2.1: it ships support and compatibility for Symfony 6.

Upgrading a Project to Sulu 2.5 and Symfony 6

Updating Sulu can be tricky if your project still uses PHP version 7.4 and/or Symfony 4.4 or lower. In case you missed it, we created an upgrade guide to make updating this kind of older project easier. Check out the guide "Upgrade to Sulu 2.5.0 with Rector".

Feedback & Support

As always, we are happy to hear your feedback about newly released features and bug fixes. Feel free to create an issue or a discussion on GitHub for bugs and feature requests. You can also contact us via Slack or our website anytime.