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Thomas Schedler
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Meet Webstores: A digital agency with over 20 years serving its clients needs

Webstores, a Gold Sulu Partner, was one of the first members of the Sulu Partner Program. Webstores is a digital agency based in the Netherlands and they are a member of the Dutch Digital Agencies network. Over the last 20 years, Webstores has grown to a team of 50 digital professionals, including developers, UX experts, designers, and business strategists serving international customers throughout Benelux. They’re passionate about creativity, strategy, and technology — a perfect fit for our community!

Webstores Operational Director, Frank Klein Koerkamp, sat down to talk with us about how the agency benefits from Sulu and the Sulu partner program: “​​With Sulu, we didn't come across a case that we couldn't solve yet. Although Sulu is very flexible, it represents a sweet spot between customizability and structure. It’s very straightforward and understandable, so you aren’t left guessing where you should put your focus.”

Embrace change, building on proven technology

Webstores chose Sulu not only because it is a perfect technology fit for them but also because they share our vision: be ready and embrace change.

Before Sulu, Webstores used an in-house CMS, which was becoming cumbersome to support while staying on top of customers’ needs. According to Frank, “We couldn’t keep up with the things that needed to be done. Eventually, we decided to look for a proven technology with a huge user base behind it.” Also, since Webstores is a PHP-based agency, the choice of Sulu plays well with other technologies such as Sylius and Symfony, enabling their development team to work from a single unified codebase. This centralization allows Webstores to be nimble and support customers in the fast-paced move toward digitization.

Sulu partner program gives Webstores a “seat at the table” of product development

Webstores is a gold partner with Sulu and benefits from Sulu partner program features such as project reviews, technical consulting, and extended support. Frank is especially enthusiastic about the direct access to the Sulu team and the latest and greatest features: “Being a part of the partner program gives us a voice in the Sulu backlog. As a result, we see our needs reflected in the direction of the product. Furthermore, Sulu is good about staying on top of the latest developments. This gives us peace of mind and allows us to focus on the needs of our customers.”

A trusted partner and the right technology help Webstores excel in the digital-first era

Sulu helps Webstores be responsive to change. Frank Klein Koerkamp explains, “We draw the comparison sometimes between an oil tanker and a speedboat. When you’re an oil tanker out on water, it is hard to change your path. But as a speedboat, you're flexible and agile and can pivot if needed.”

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