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Meet Tailr: Belgian Digital Digital Agency and Sulu Silver Partner

Tailr is a Belgian company that builds custom web and mobile applications. They provide development services including analysis, functional and technical design, and implementation of digital solutions. As part of the Cronos Group, Tailr can leverage sister companies to cover other phases of a project — for instance, to deliver services such as digital strategy, UX design, and SEO analysis.

Tailr’s structured approach to development, combined with a commitment to honesty and transparency, sets them apart and makes them an ideal partner for Sulu.

Uncompromising commitment to quality

Tailr’s commitment to quality makes them truly exceptional. Wim Pierson, Digital Consultant and Coordinator explains: “Quality is something that a lot of companies might talk about, but we really do prioritize it. We set the bar high, we have gold standards, and we are organized in such a way that we can achieve them.”

A meticulous process is at the core of Tailr’s operations. Every aspect of the organization relies on a structured approach, from meetings to budgets to communication methods. Technical Architect and Coordinator, Toon Verwerft, illustrates how this helps them achieve high standards.“We do pair programming, peer reviews, and we use quality assurance tools. Once everything is built, we deploy to different environments where our project managers and product owners can test the application. They do the first internal quality checks before we send anything to the customer.”

Tailr are part of the team behind GrumPHP, a code quality tool that has garnered over 7 million downloads worldwide. “That’s something that we are really proud of, and it gives a really good impression about what we stand for in terms of quality,” Toon enthuses.

Like Sulu, Tailr values transparency and honesty. “We like to take pride in our work, and we work in a transparent and professional way. We are always honest, we're always straightforward with the customer, and we don’t make promises we can’t keep,” says Wim.

Sulu offers creative freedom

Tailr recognizes the value of Sulu as an enterprise CMS, built on a robust tech stack. “We were looking for a quality enterprise performance tool and we saw the opportunity in Sulu,” remarked Wim. Tailr has a background in PHP development, and also works with Symfony and React, so the tech stack was a good fit.  

What particularly resonates with Tailr is Sulu’s flexibility, which gives them creative freedom. Toon explains, “Sulu doesn’t force us to write our code in a specific way, so we’re free to do whatever we want. It’s not limiting us — it’s empowering us.” Sulu acts as a blank canvas, empowering Tailr to craft bespoke solutions that align precisely with their clients’ requirements.

Tailr and Sulu: Going places together

As a Silver Partner, Tailr appreciates the technical support provided by the Sulu team. They were specifically looking for a partner they could rely on for technical insights, input from project reviews, and access to support. Open source is important too. By partnering with Sulu, Tailr is investing in a technology that they intend to use for the next couple of years. “It’s an investment in the technology and continuity of Sulu itself,” notes Toon.

The Sulu Partner program also offers marketing leverage, allowing Tailr to amplify their brand and reach a wider audience. Wim explains, “We like to do partnerships in general, to get ourselves to another level.” But it’s not just a one-way street. Tailr hopes to use the partner program to build awareness of themselves and Sulu in Belgium and beyond. As Wim says, “We are the first Sulu partner in Belgium and we really want to put Sulu on the Flemish map.” 

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