Thomas Schedler
Thomas Schedler
Co-Founder & CEO – Sulu GmbH
Sulu's technical Master Blaster. Tries to keep our code on it's toes and to master Heston Blumenthal recipes on his very seldom free days.

Meet Flying Bisons: Warsaw Digital Consulting Company and Sulu Silver Partner

Flying Bisons is a leading digital consulting company based in Warsaw. They offer a full end-to-end process for their clients, from research, strategy, and design, through to development, analytics and optimization - and further, to maintenance. Flying Bisons is a Sulu Silver Partner.

Flying Bisons love challenges and extraordinary projects. Their 80+ team works with some of the biggest brand names around, as well as startups disrupting their industries. Flying Bisons does CMS implementations, sales systems, and bespoke application builds. Their strength is their deep understanding of design, from strategy to concept to validation.

Open Source: a shared value

Sulu is proudly open source, and this is a value shared by Flying Bisons. Pawel Sobociński, Head of Technology explains, “As a company, and as a community of developers, we use a lot of open source products. Around 90% of the code services that we use are open source.”

At Sulu, we’re happy to see Flying Bisons join the Partner Program. Pawel sees benefits from this support: “This is the first time we’ve supported an open source project. From my perspective, if we’re using them, we should support them. As they are growing, we can grow and share benefits together.”

Best of both worlds

Flying Bisons pride themselves on their design expertise. Sulu CMS takes on the heavy lifting allowing Flying Bisons to focus on implementing their designs “pixel perfect”.

Pawel illustrates, “For a long time, we created websites and CMSs for our clients which were 100% implemented by us. Of course, we tried to create libraries and find common components to reduce code bloat and save our clients' time. But such maintenance always caused problems, because each project was slightly different. We started looking for a solution, and we found Sulu—which solves this problem perfectly.”

Flying Bisons loves to retain granular control over the design. “One of the key elements of the implementation is that we always try to implement our designs in pixel-perfect form. The great advantage for us is that Sulu does not generate any HTML of the client's website - we are fully responsible for this aspect, and we have full independence over how the website works and looks,” explains Pawel.

The Circle of Life

Our relationship is mutually beneficial. As Sulu grows, Flying Bisons can offer better CMS implementations. In turn, Sulu becomes more recognized, and the cycle continues.

Being part of the Sulu Partner Program gives Flying BIsons peace of mind that the Sulu as an open source project will continue. Pawel says “The most important thing for us is that the Sulu project is constantly developed and updated because thanks to this we are sure that our implementations of this CMS are fully secured and keep up with changes in technology.”

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