Johannes Wachter
Johannes Wachter
Core Developer – Sulu GmbH
Sulu Core Developer and Open-Source Enthusiast.

Getting to know Sulu CMS

Sulu was heading to Berlin where Lidl (yes, the discounter chain!) hosted the "Symfony User Group". After two days of workshops with very interesting and long discussions Thomas and myself hold some talks in the evening.

Tired of fixing your CMS instead of creating awesome websites?

After a short introduction from a team member of Lidl I started with a short introduction to Sulu and its philosophy.

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Leverage the power of a framework based CMS

The second part of the evening was entirely about Symfony and how it helps us to build such an extensible and flexible system.

Thomas talked about the router, controllers and views, HTTP-Cache and ESI, models, event-dispatcher and the container. All of them are very important interfaces to extend and customize Sulu for projects.

You can find the slides on