Thomas Schedler
Thomas Schedler
Co-Founder & CEO – Sulu GmbH
Sulu's technical Master Blaster. Tries to keep our code on it's toes and to master Heston Blumenthal recipes on his very seldom free days.

Get started with Sulu CMS at SymfonyLive Berlin!

Get to know the Sulu content management framework and meet some of our core development team at SymfonyLive Berlin, 24-27 September 2019. We’ll be offering an application-building workshop to help you get to work with our Symfony CMS, three technical talks … and we’re the proud Popcorn Sponsor of the event, too!

Sulu Diversity and Inclusion Ticket Giveaway

A diverse community is a strong community. We want to see you there in Berlin. We are giving away one ticket to SymfonyLive Berlin. If you, or someone you know, are from an underrepresented group and want to come to SymfonyLive, we’d love to help make it possible for you to be there. Fill out this form and let us know. 

Sharing, Contribution, and Popcorn

We’re proud to be open source and proud of doing our small part to make the web, PHP, and Symfony open and sustainable. At SymfonyLive, we’ll be sharing our knowledge in our workshop and talks. We’re contributing a ticket so someone can attend add their perspective to the mix. And we’re happy to keep your brains and bodies up and running as your delicious Popcorn Sponsor!

And we’d be thrilled to tell you more about Sulu CMS, our flexible content management framework! Ask how Sulu helps you (re)use Symfony components in creative ways while making your work more efficient and faster. We’ll show you how to use Sulu to produce secure, performant websites, and beautiful user experiences for authors and editors—out-of-the-box!

You can see a “taste” of the artwork we came up with for the Sulu SymfonyLive popcorn boxes at the top of the page ...

What we’re talking about in Berlin

Workshop: Developing an Application with a modern Symfony CMS - Sulu 2.0, Wednesday, 25 Sep, 2019, all day.
Thomas Schedler, Sulu Project Lead - Beyond simple marketing websites, framework-based content management allows developers to create new or expand existing digital business models. Once we’ve gone over the basic concepts of Sulu and how it interfaces with and builds on Symfony, we’ll get to map custom business logic and domain objects in our administration interface and to merge them with content from the editorial system. Book a workshop ticket here!

Talk: Sulu 2.0, Bring Your Own Business Logic, Thursday, 26 Sep, 17:20, Track 3
Thomas Schedler - Using most content management systems, it is difficult to create tailor-made solutions combining custom business logic with editorial content. This is where the Symfony-based Sulu content management platform shines. And Version 2.0 makes it easier than ever before.

Talk: Redis Streams, Friday, 27 Sep, 11:20, Track 1
Thomas Schedler - Redis, the Swiss Army Knife of databases, has a new data type in version 5.0 that’s worth having a closer look at. We look at how Redis Streams help us build fault-tolerant, scalable services.

Talk: Sulu and Sylius: Content and E-Commerce, Friday, 27 Sep, 14:25, Track 3
Johannes Wachter - Bringing together client-specific e-commerce processes and a sophisticated content architecture is a major challenge. It often requires either extending a base system or combining it with another. We chose the latter. This talk is a review of our experience combining the Sylius e-commerce framework with the Sulu content management framework.