Thomas Schedler
Thomas Schedler
Co-Founder & CEO – Sulu GmbH
Sulu's technical Master Blaster. Tries to keep our code on it's toes and to master Heston Blumenthal recipes on his very seldom free days.

2022 has been a year of growth for Sulu. We’d like to thank our community and partners.

2022 has been a year of growth for Sulu. We took on significantly more client work this year and improved our revenue — and I feel us really maturing as a business.

Growth has brought with it new challenges. We’ve had to learn how to expand our client-facing side while maintaining focus on developing our product. I’m pleased to say that we shipped Sulu 2.5 with a host of new features. While we weren't able to meet our goal of releasing version 3.0 of the CMS this year, our attention to growth means that Sulu is now in the best business position we’ve ever been.

The developments of 2022 have set us up well for the future. As a result, I’m happy to announce that Sulu is currently hiring! We’d love it if you could help us expand our full-time team and help us keep the growth going.

2022 in brief

Last year, Sulu launched our partner program, which has continued to expand during 2022. We were delighted to welcome Flying Bisons, Datenwerk, and Alengo on board this year. Partners receive help from Sulu to deliver and showcase better products, while supporting us directly and helping shape the future of our CMS.

Beyond our partners, we’ve also seen a significant increase in adoption. We’ve added a list of Service Providers to our website to show just how many agencies are using Sulu for their clients. If your company is using Sulu and you are not yet listed, let us know.

On the development side, we were able to ship an important release in Sulu 2.5, which included:

  • Copying and pasting Blocks — a great idea that originated in a community prototype and developed into a fully-fledged feature.
  • Support for Symfony 6 — which also included the release of Sulu Rector, making it easier for projects to upgrade to newer versions of Symfony and PHP in future.
  • Support for a password strength policy and two-factor authentication (2FA).

As an open-source project, we believe in giving back to the community, which is why we were also happy to back Symfony 6.2 this year.

What’s coming in 2023

2023 is set to be a big year for Sulu development, with both minor and major releases:

  • We plan to release Sulu 2.6.0 at the beginning of the year. As with other minor releases, this allows us to add new features — like a Reference panel that shows exactly where objects are referenced.
  • Sulu 3.0 will come later in the year. This major release lets us rewrite large parts of the CMS to tidy up technical debt. In particular, we will be replacing PHPCR with our own bullet-proof content repository.

Of course, besides development, we hope to welcome even more partners and continue our client work, letting us build the Sulu business further.

Growing together as a community

After two years without any meetups, 2022 drew to a happy conclusion with SymfonyCon at Disneyland Paris in November. Seeing so many of you in person after so long left me with a real sense of optimism.

Sulu started as, and will remain, a community-driven project. I’d like to thank both my team and our community for everything we’ve achieved together this year. Your commitment to open source and our vision are what make Sulu possible. I’d also like to thank our partners for believing in and supporting Sulu CMS, and constantly helping us to improve the product.

I wish you all a happy and restful festive season, and look forward to entering 2023 together. There will be many opportunities to see each other in person next year. After such a long time apart, I can’t wait to keep rebuilding the sense of community that has always been so important to us.

Best regards,
Thomas Schedler on behalf of the Sulu team