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Sulu as a CMS

Bernd Hepberger

The development of Sulu was heavily influenced by nearly 20 years of experience in the creation of professional websites. The system's strength is not only technical excellence but also a completely new approach to modern website management. 

Bernd Hepberger, Designer (Sulu Core Team), @berndhep

Content Management without restrictions



We live in a world that grows smaller every day and becomes more and more globalized. Many CMS ignore the fact that businesses have to act in international markets and speak the language of their customers. Sulu takes care of that!

The system has been created multilingual from the scratch. Forget about handling language-iterations as separate websites which often means insane administration overload. Every page can be translated into as many languages as you wish.

But translations are only the beginning. When it comes to the presentation of your international content Sulu gives you all the freedom you need. Use top-level domains to separate languages into dedicated websites or make a more simple diversion by using pre- or suffixes.

  • Unlimited number of languages per webspace
  • Languages share the same content structure
  • Easily switch between different languages
  • Set any data-field to multi- or single-language
  • Copy content from one language into another
  • Set a language as fallback for another
  • Flexible handling of language versions with domains
  • Asset meta information in any language


Using a native blogging platform to develop a small website for your ‘round-the-corner’ bakery might work perfectly. But a middle or large-sized company with worldwide markets needs an adequate technical platform for it’s internet activities. Hello Sulu.

One of the system’s main features is its ability to manage multiple platforms. This allows the creation of any number of websites under one corporate umbrella. A good example would be a headquarter website and multiple sub-sites for international subsidiaries.

A very powerful feature is the so called “global content”. It allows data to be published in any platform within the system. Asset management is also centralized: all documents are stored in the same place and can be shared on any website.

  • Unlimited number of websites per installation
  • Global content that can be shared between websites
  • Centralized asset and contact management 
  • Admin rights can be set per website
  • Link websites by using shared content
  • Easy handling of multiple domains per website


The internet is rapidly moving to mobile devices. This makes the requirements to websites more and more complex. Sulu has been designed to support responsive content to an extent that is rarely seen today.

Content editors have the possibility to switch between user agents on-the-fly by using the live preview features for templates. By doing so new content can be tested in different situations giving the power to optimize it for desktop, tablet or smartphone environments. 

Sulu also gives you the freedom to choose the output format of your content. HTML is the standard but XML, RSS or JSON are also natively supported and can be easily used.

  • Live-preview for page templates 
  • On-the-fly switch between desktop, tablet and smartphone in the live preview
  • Flexible image resizing and cropping for different channels
  • Choose easily between output formats (HTML, RSS, XML, JSON etc.)
  • Standardized RESTful API for data import and export
  • Use SULU as data admin for any application (e.g. mobile app)

10 Minute Install

Once your server is ready it’s only a matter of a few minutes to install Sulu.What you get is a powerful system for multilingual multi-website portals!

> Learn how to install Sulu

It takes only 10 minutes to install Sulu
Thomas Vogel

The Admin UI is visually appealing and very easy to work with. Especially the multilingual content handling and the media library have become features I can’t work without!

Thomas Vogel, Arkulpa GmbH (AT)
Lukas Kahwe Smith

The attention to UX by the Sulu team impressed me from the very beginning. Together with leveraging all the key architecture components of the Symfony CMF initiative, they have a winning combinations in their hands.

Lukas Kahwe Smith, L//P (CH)

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