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Contacts & Permissions

Eilas Hiller

A characteristic of the contact management is its extendibility using other bundles. That way e.g. activities can be added to create a more CRM oriented approach. The integration of the system rights administration is a really useful combination of contact and user management

Elias Hiller, Developer (Sulu Core Team), @turboele

Make the web more personal

Sulu People


1 On place for all contacts
In the “People” section person based information are managed. Create contacts by adding them manually or use this section to store data that is collected via an online form (e.g. newsletter signups).

2 General information
The standard form lets you add multiple addresses to each contact. It is also possible to link a person to an organisation. This helps to create e.g. corporate structures that can be visualized on a website.

3 More than names and email addresses
With commerce applications in mind Sulu gives the possibility to add extended information to a contact. With the “Bank accounts” section the user’s banking information can be stored. Further more tags and categories can be used to classify a person.

Sulu Organisations


1 Made for business
The “Organisations” sections lets you create corporate units with all required information such as title, addresses, contact data etc.

2 Corporate structures
An organisation can be linked to a parent company. This gives complete freedom to create any corporate hierarchy that is required.

3 Classifications
By using tags and categories organisations can be classified the way that you need it. This metadata can be used to create smart auto-assignments in your app or website.

Sulu Permissions


1 Creating admin users
Any contact can be assigned with admin user rights in Sulu. Just define username, password and the required permission.

2 Adding permissions
Generally permission roles are created in the “Settings” module. Once the role has been defined it can be assigned to a user. Users can have multiple permissions.

3 Defining the language
Due to the multilingual nature of Sulu a permission can be set for any language that has been configured for the Sulu installation.

Why you should use it

  • Basic contact management or extended CRM functionalities
  • Centralised storage of users (all modules can access contact data)
  • Contacts and organisations can be linked 
  • Database easily extendable for individual requirements
  • Import and export function
  • Permission management for the Sulu backend
Thomas Vogel

The Admin UI is visually appealing and very easy to work with. Especially the multilingual content handling and the media library have become features I can’t work without!

Thomas Vogel, Arkulpa GmbH (AT)
Lukas Kahwe Smith

The attention to UX by the Sulu team impressed me from the very beginning. Together with leveraging all the key architecture components of the Symfony CMF initiative, they have a winning combinations in their hands.

Lukas Kahwe Smith, L//P (CH)

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