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Asset management

Alexander Schranz

Sulu not only offers an easy to use media management. By supporting state-of-the-art image rendering libraries and through its easy extendibility developers can create multiple file formats, configure custom filters and combine them the way they want.

Alexander Schranz, Developer (Sulu Core Team), @alex_s_

Take control over your media

Sulu Asset Collections

Structuring assets

1 Collections
The asset management module offers the possibility to manage documents in “collections”. Each collection can contain any number and type of assets and sub-collections. This way an administrator can create a nested folder hierarchy to structure documents. 

2 Any type of media
Sulu is capable of working with any type of media such as images, text-based documents (e.g. Word, Excel etc.), videos or any other data. By using technologies such as Ningx with PHP-FPM and ImageMagick or Ghostscript server-side manipulation can be automated after the upload.

3 View it as you like
Sulu’s interface lets you display documents the way you want it. Choose between a list view or large and small thumbnails.

Sulu Asset Edit

Metadata and versioning

1 Multi language metadata
The meta-information of a document can be freely edited in all the languages that are configured. The title and description of a file can be used for the “Alt” tag which means that editors have full control over the SEO of files. 

2 Tags
By using tags additional metadata can be added to a document. This can be used e.g. to auto-select assets by tags in a website or Sulu module.

3 Version control
Existing assets can be changed by uploading new versions. Older version remain in the system and can be downloaded anytime. Once a new version has been upload all assignments will be automatically updated.

Sulu Asset Assignment

Asset assignment

1 Use assets in any module
Sulu’s asset management is not limited to content management applications. Documents stored in the assets module can be used in any other area of the system for any application you can imagine.

2 Easy assignment
By using the content type “media assignment” a document can be added to a data set. Editors can browse through all collections and select easily the desired assets.

3 Add new on the fly
An editor doesn’t have to leave an opened data set to upload new assets. Simply choose a collection and then drag and drop the documents to upload them.

Why you should use it

  • Centralised repository for documents, images etc.
  • Independent management of folder hierarchies 
  • Management of metadata
  • Multi-language support for documents
  • Versioning and archiving 
  • Automated server-side image editing
Thomas Vogel

The Admin UI is visually appealing and very easy to work with. Especially the multilingual content handling and the media library have become features I can’t work without!

Thomas Vogel, Arkulpa GmbH (AT)
Lukas Kahwe Smith

The attention to UX by the Sulu team impressed me from the very beginning. Together with leveraging all the key architecture components of the Symfony CMF initiative, they have a winning combinations in their hands.

Lukas Kahwe Smith, L//P (CH)

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