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About us

Hello and welcome, we are the team behind Sulu!


We are a team of web enthusiasts with over 18 years of experience creating professional websites. Yes, that’s quite a time in internet terms (we started back when Netscape 3 was released!). Many of us worked in web agencies for international clients. This is where our fire for creating a really great content management system started burning. Standard solutions couldn’t solve our problems and we were really fed up building every new project from the scratch. 

Our core team is based in Dornbirn which is at the western End of Austria. Never heard of it? No worries, it’s a very small area but with big advantages for us. Firstly, it’s truly international. Here Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein share borders. And Italy and France are only 2 hours away. Secondly, this is one of the most beautiful places we know. From the shores of Lake Constance to the peaks of the Austrian and Swiss Alps you can enjoy the most amazing nature and landscape

Our mission is to develop great open source software for business applications. We love to create and to share technology that helps to make the web a better place. Content management is our passion and we’re here to make Sulu the best platform for creating professional web solutions. We are privately funded by MASSIVE ART, a web agency also located in Dornbirn.

The core team

Thomas Schedler

Sulu's technical Master Blaster. Tries to keep our code on it's toes and to master Heston Blumenthal recipes on his very seldom free days.

Thomas Schedler, Lead Developer
Daniel Rotter

Develops mostly CMS features. Likes traveling to conferences and speaking about Sulu, heavy partying and crushing his bones in soccer games. 

Daniel Rotter, Developer
Johannes Wachter

Is also deep into CMS feature development. Keeps a smile on his face even in the most desperate phases of a sprint.

Johannes Wachter, Developer
Dan Leech

The man behind the storage. He's a fanatic bicycle rider and spent many months in the saddle before joining the Sulu team. He'll be back on the streets soon.

Dan Leech, Developer
Alexander Schranz

Asset management guru. He comes from the "Bregenzerwald" area and even we hardly understand what he's talking about. But his code is crystal clear.

Alexander Schranz, Developer
Eilas Hiller

Our man for CRM. He's not the type of guy who tells dirty jokes but you feel a little dirty after he told you jokes.

Elias Hiller, Developer
Christian Bader

Creates mostly the PIM. Likes loud and dirty music but is very very clean in his development.

Christian Bader, Developer
Erfan Ebrahimnia

Makes Sulu's UI go BOOM! Is a native Iranian and some of us believe he's part of their secret service. We love him though.

Erfan Ebrahimnia - Frontend Developer
User Default

Creates complex frontend UI components. Don't mess around with him, his hockey skills are deadly.

Philip Nachbauer, Frontend Developer
User Default

Frontend hacker. Internally voted as the most handsome man in the team and therefore responsible for the lack of girls here.

Marcel Moosbrugger, Frontend Developer
Michael Zangerle

Does a lot of backend stuff. Born and raised in Tyrol. Only Austrians know what that really means. 

Michael Zangerle, Developer
Philipp Gabl

Responsible for Sulu's identity. Philipp is probably the nicest guy on this big planet. Period.

Philipp Gabl, Designer
Bernd Hepberger

Designs the UI. Would be a really nice fellow if he would learn to keep his mouth shut from time to time.

Bernd Hepberger, Designer
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Creates concepts for commerce. As a guy from Salzburg he still has troubles with the "Vorarlberger" accent. Even after 40 years living there.

Oliver Pretz, Product Manager
User Default

Has a god like status in the team. His white hair makes 90% of his expertise. 20 years of experience do the rest.

Rainer Schönherr - Technical Philosopher
Bernhard Schussek

Our multi-talented evangelist. He's not only a Symfony core developer but also a singer who can even make angels cry!

Bernhard Schussek